Smoothies Hits Home

Someone in the house decided that smothies are what we need to get in better shape.  We now have a blender, a book about ten day cleanses, and a reluctant smoothie chef.  The last part would be me.  Why?  Like I really know!  I’m just the smoothie bartender minus the liquor.  I’m really good at making up drinks, but take away the alcohol….well it’s just wrong.
So day one.

12 medium strawberries (not pretty ones, no crowns)

2 kiwis with skin on 

1 cup green tea (cooled)

1 cup water

2 handfuls spinach

2 tablespoons flaxseed powder

Blended to completely smooth and greenish.

Refrigerate or blend in handful of ice cubes.  

This produced about 24 ounces, or .75 liters.

Veggies and fruit freshness will effect volume!

Day two oranges and pineapple, and almond milk!

Suggestions greatly appreciated!

Tomorrow less of me, yeah right


20 thoughts on “Smoothies Hits Home

  1. I just saw the almond milk… missed that the first time I read. Yuk. No almond milk for me. I would substitute 1% or vanilla soy.

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    1. I’m allergic to soy. But almond milk in small doses seems ok. I hoping pineapple kills any weird tastes. That’s tonight’s experiment. Dr Jeckel and Mr Hyde story could come off this.


  2. Looks delicious! I may try this one out. I generally don’t have alcohol unless it’s a special occasion anymore. Not since 2014! Am currently training for a couple of duathlons and one marathon so this is the sort of thing I love. 😀

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    1. I guess the first try was good. I don’t know how it holds up for a little bit. Flavor was better than I expected. But kiwi and strawberries covers a lot of spinach. 😃


      1. As long as you can’t taste the spinach with the fruit you’re good. I drink V8 because i’m too lazy to make anything from scratch. I also have a meal replacement product I use that I can just blend. Sometimes I put strawberries in. But hey, if someone was making it for me, I would eat it. When done well, that stuff will pack a punch. And give it a try even if it doesn’t ‘satisfy’ right away. It will eventually. We humans think we need far more food than we actually do.

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      2. We are hunters and gatherers. We are conditioned to save fat for lean times. We haven’t had prolonged lean times in a hundred years or so here. Meal replacement, hmm. Maybe I’ll look when nightly smoothie bar thing gets old. 😃

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      3. Oh… and you can always ‘bulk’ it up a bit with some protein either from nuts or a good whey protein powder. You’ve got lots of nice complex carbs in there.

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      4. It get’s pretty good reviews. And at a quick glance I think you can’t really go wrong. Use it sparingly though. It’s heavy on the Branch Chain aminos I think. They can, if overused, cause a little tummy irritation. The branch chains are used for rebuilding muscle quickly.

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      5. Thanks darling. I wouldn’t have thought about digestive issues. I’m staying to drink lots of water with smoothie. It thickened up overnight. I’m guessing that flaxseed powder absorbs water.😃 is there anything that should be avoided


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