The terrible price of freedom.

It’s not always the war declared.

The old thought of battlefields gone.

The marshaling of grand armies left to games.

The innocent are now prizes.

The splatter effect all makes Twitter hits.

An enemy against “our way”, peace.

An enemy using our “evil ways”, purity?

An enemy hiding like cowards, “brave”?

An enemy looking for “likes”, hypocritical.

The new battlefield still has buildings,

The armies still conduct door to door searches.

Too often they are looking for the innocent, first.

The terrible price of freedom, 

The bad guys get it too!

Prayers and thoughts to Brussels.

12 thoughts on “Price

      1. actually I am poor. I can’t afford cable. So i just pay for internet access. My apartment has no aerial. So no cable, no watching tv. Not much of a loss since I work a lot and when I am home, I have too much to do.

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