Moral Monday’s – New Guy

Moral Mondays – Modern-day fables in 100 words.
Treat Others the Way You Want to Be Treated

Steve left with the feeling of being humiliated.  The first day at the new job, didn’t go well. Every mistake magnified by “I don’t know how you did that”.  New things come easy to some.  But the person “helping him” did him no favors.

  When the day finally ended, Shiela looked at  him “Don’t worry tomorrow will be better.”

“So you will show me what I’m supposed to do instead.” Steve replied

9 thoughts on “Moral Monday’s – New Guy

  1. Great take. Some people are not good at training new people. It is overwhelming enough as it is trying to learn all these new procedures etc but someone who isn’t understand and just says you’re doing it wrong is no help. You need to teach and be patient.

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      1. Yeah, I agree some people are very much like that. And attitude from some people makes things especially difficult. Some times worse then a bad attitude as one of not even caring at all – apathy.

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  2. I never understood why this happens so often in the workplace. I know of quite a few coworkers who intentionally teach new people the wrong stuff just to make themselves look good. So petty! Aren’t we all adults?

    A great take on the prompt! Sheila better be careful! There will come a time when she needs help…

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