The River

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Written as part of a challenge called Friday fictioneers,

I’m going to college.   I ain’t living in tar paper shack…workin’ some foundry job!” The words 20 years distant.

His tired calloused eyes glared. “That foundry fed you.   It’s raised you and all us folk!”

“Cancer to the family. Two of your fingers. It cost us. I’m living in a real house. That foundry will close before I walk in..” my tone faded.

Out the window, the foundry stares back.  It took the old man.   Cancer says the doctor.   Incremental parts were stripped from all of us.

24 thoughts on “The River

  1. I love the ambition of the young one. Not everything that’s old deserves to be preserved, not places that kill people. Great story.


    1. It’s a different world. Working your life away in dark, dangerous places seems harsh today. Millions saw it as a daily ritual. The favorite description I had was calloused eye. Those deep set, heavy wrinkled eyes that almost never blink.

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    1. Thank you darling. It is a symptom of the generation thing. Youth and flight against reason of experience and stability. When the prodigal son returns, it’s for bad things. Or a case of Mr Blind Squirrel meat Mr Nut. 😉


  2. I love the concept and what the crumbling buildings meant to the characters in different ways. One resented it and one was thankful for it in a way. I could see this turning into a great short story.

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    1. Yes it has a lot of family history ready to spill out. I’ve been to the towns built around these places. It’s literally the life of the town. Thanks for the comment and stopping by 😀


    1. I’ve spent a lot of time in the old mining towns of West Virginia. I’ve heard the kids working in tourist traps dying to leave. The coal mining industry has fallen off there. The tired voices start young. Thank you, thank you, thank you😀

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