The operation


“We have visuals!   The subject’s in sight.  Copy.” Radios click on and off.

“Audio is a negative.   Can we adjust those?” The response comes

“We are balancing white noise out.   We have drones in reserve.  Proceed with caution.   We are partially blind here without sound.”  Identical voices volley back and forth.

“We have moved into position.   Sixty feet from target.  How are those audio tracks coming along?”

“We have mini drone deployed.   Sound will be in ten seconds.  We will perch number 2 on branch to their left.”

“Roger that.  We see the deal is going down.  We have view of money being exchanged.   Subject 1 has target green box, Subject 2 has received $20.”

“Be advised unrelated target engaging your position”

A half drank cop of pop drenches a secret operative.

“We have taken a hit.   Electronics are failing.   We have to maneuver decoy back to the van. Repeat, we need to return to van!”

“Negative!  We can’t risk losing these subjects!   Sit tight.”

“Audio confirming deal. … ‘sir would you like to buy some cookies for the scouts’  We have a wrap.   They have no license for distribution.  Leave the trash can and apprehend the subjects! “

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