The Morning After

Osrick looks at the tv. The useless guide sounds through five hundred channels.   Nothing satisfies his desire.   The room around him is cluttered.   His chair is a void in the chaos.

Millie yells into his dark living room. “Come on you’re up all night!   Give it a rest! That box didn’t have to be on all the time.”

“Woman, I was up all night.   I had a long night working. You know how far I travel for work! Leave me alone!” The voice turns to a growl.

“You’re ass leaves this house…. what once a year.   Hell, maybe a couple times.   But you are grumpy every time you come back!”  Millie’s voice from a far.

“There are some people who get a support staff.  Hell, I’m competing against a while damn workshop!   Do you see an army of helpers around here?   A system of representatives out in the field. .. they relay all the info back to headquarters.  The factory spits it out.  The fat man jumps in a sled! Really?!  Hard life there pal.”  Osrick takes a giant drink of a green shake. 

“Dear every year. You go on and on.   All the same shit.   Get over it! I’m your support staff remember!” Her head pops out from around the corner.

“They call me the fucking Easter Bunny.   I’m a hare! I hop all around the damn world.   No sleigh! Hey, let’s see the fat man carry something without having thumbs!   Let’s see him put together the toys himself!   I got something for him this year!” He continues

“WHAT DID YOU DO! Oh no.   You did something.   Osrick I know that tone!” Millie’s ears drop to the side.

Meanwhile at the North Pole…..
“Hey, Murray Santa left these chocolate bites in the sleigh.  Good thing we do spring cleaning. Yuck, they aren’t very good!  They aren’t any chocolate I ever had before.” Dewey spits out what isn’t chocolate. 

The elves look at each other and shuffled.

12 thoughts on “The Morning After

      1. It’s really not his fault that they ate them. And you’re right, the Easter bunny has a pretty heavy workload having to hide several items all over the house as opposed to one present under a tree. Now if he pooped chocolate, his/her? job would be easier.

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