The Flow

The glorious flow.
Red spills across the floor.
It casts outward like the surf.
Rolling onward covering everything.
Daily debris, letters, dirt, scraps of food
Create islands in the sea.
The color darkens in its tracks.
Far upstream, the headwaters dwindle.
My vantage point far removed.
The kitchen is from a different time.
It’s solidly in the past.
The living room is the future.
I look back once more.
The fire will clean all this up.
As I look back upon you.
My knife drops to the ground.
“I always said go with the flow”

20 thoughts on “The Flow

      1. Mr any1mark, we have a problem with your site. Senseless violence, random chaos, and a complete neglect for murdering characters can’t be tolerated. If this continues, we will have no choice but regulate your blog to the child book section.:O

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      2. oh no! Say it isn’t so! They might revoke your horror card or worse, your license to tell horrific tales of ultimate woe! I have a rather bloody post coming down the pike. It’s horror-licious. Hoping my readers aren’t offended but I do write fantasy and not all fantasy is bright and beautiful. There is some grit and grime too and I don’t shy away from that.

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      3. There never was any coincidences. Our minds create links that explain what we didn’t understand or missing pieces to a picture. (They made me say that. .. or next post will be about pigs)

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