Contrast in The Heart


“Love is like a dying ember”
The old song plays just for me.
The fires twilight is coming.
The soaring flames faded memories.
The spark clear as day.
A glance, smiles exchanged freely.
Awkward laughter shared.
Deeper looks, exchanges real.
Sudden longing for touch.
The desire to share and be shared.
All caught in a still of warmth.
Well maintained flames glow.
Partially kept ones slowly dwindle.
No fanning, no kindling,  no growth.
The hidden embers spew heat.
They radiate a false flame.
Unable to hold of cooling.
Slowly, imperceivably discinigrates.
What once was spark and tender,
Coolness descends upon.
The single coal is powerless.
It’s companion is oblivious.
One day, it all changed.
“Only memories remain”

Quotes from “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” by Willie Nelson.   Link below. ..

19 thoughts on “Contrast in The Heart

    1. Many thanks. I’m getting overly comfortable at the poetry. The brevity helps. Painting pictures are more manageable when small. I’m trying to write longer in horror fiction.


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      1. He has been here twice in four years. I dont know how much he leaves Austin, TX. I doubt if they are full tours. He’s got to be in the eighties.


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