Camera Lucida – Hidden



Queen of the ferns, but she’s not here…. really nothing to see here.


This is an empty bag…


21 thoughts on “Camera Lucida – Hidden

      1. I know. That is hilarious! My cat and I would play hide and seek all the time. She would hide behind a couch cover and half of her would be showing!! LOL! I always pretended I couldn’t see her.

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      2. The tom cat hides in bags and boxes. Every one that comes in the house is his first. He’ll get vocal if you don’t give it to him right away too. The girls are paper bag or boxes. They don’t do plastic
        Must be the noise


      3. Hahahaha! Oh, but they are worth it!! LOL! My cat was solid white and she was stolen. I just hope she wasn’t hurt. She use to come walking by me when I was on my laptop and touch me with her tail. That was her way of telling me she wanted food or attention. On the days it would rain she would come get me and take me to the back door and cry. (I have a doggie door that she could get in and out of, so I knew she wasn’t asking to be let out). She was trying to tell me to stop it from raining because she wanted to go outside. Hahahaha!

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      4. We have a cattle call when the word “out” is spoken. Four fuzz balls come flying across the house. They jump down three stairs and bounce off a door to go out. They are only out with supervision. I have never seen a coyote during the day here, but a red fox lives in the woods. They are usually good with boundaries.


      5. That’s cute! They love going outside! Mine did too. I can just see them running to the door. Haha! That’s smart to only let them out with supervision. My cat wanted to be out all night because she loved to hunt (gifted me with quite a few things). That is when she was stolen.

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