Panther – Literary Lion


“It’s big.  The earliest print number two of one twenty two. I really think we need this one.”  I point the third down the hall out.   Emphatically, I wave to the others. “Best money.   Right here!”

Ronnie waves me off.   He has an Eagle print in sights.   Audubon prints highly collectable.   It’s a guarantee price, but lots of numbers out there.  

“Ronnie, check the number.   Early or late print. Ronnie, Ronnie!” I’m taking louder than I should.  The others hush me with hisses.

“We can only take four.   We agree, all of us!  Partners, man.   Don’t go artsy.  We know better, man. …”  Ronnie trails off his words.

I pass my phone down.  The caption “Panther in Pink” nets $55,000 at Sotheby’s.  He twists his head back at me.  “Grab it!  I really hate bringing you along sometimes.”

The four black cloaked figures run out of the gallery.   Alarms ring out into the night.

Written as part of a challenge called Literary Lion,

5 thoughts on “Panther – Literary Lion

    1. Thank you darling. Growing up with Inspector Clouseau chasing after a jewel thief called the pink panther in old movies. I stopped short of adding “does your doggie bite?” (the inspector asks it in almost all movies) only to be bitten ravaging by the dog. The other person responds “That’s not my doggie!” In bad French accents.😀

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      1. Lol. I remember watching the Pink Panther, I don’t remember that 🙂 I think the last one I saw had Steve Martin in it. Lovely memory!

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