The Not So Great Divide

The not so great divide.
It rips through my heart.
My mind fails to move
Grasping at straws to fix.
Band aids, tape, glue
There isn’t enough to hold it
Humpty Dumpty was just bruised
The hollows grow inside.
They gradually ate the flesh.
The line of deceit, mistrust
Cleary shows to the world
My conflicted struggle
Keep you out or let you in.
It’s divided the core of me.
My secrets were mine.
The sheet covering them
Tucked then in at night.
Sharing them opened doors.
Doors don’t always close.
New ones seldom open the same.
Secrets divide us
No more than ever.


8 thoughts on “The Not So Great Divide

    1. One Word prompts are more fun than “describe the time you thought being a mushroom was a good idea” type of prompt. I like a little more freedom to move or react. It’s hard to look at a prompt that doesn’t interest you. I usually do one a week at best. Thank you, my dear. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I tend to steal points of view. Maybe, I just borrow them. Ok I borrow them and alter them a bit. Others thought process? I’m scared of my own. 😀


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