I’ve got secrets.
Deep dark shadowy things.
Their legs and tentacles stir.
Things I forgot creep out.
Things I wish stayed there.
For every time I didn’t do right.
To the times I left when it was right.

I have secrets.
People who know me.
Don’t know the real me.
They watch the screen I put up.
They see the thing I let out.
The hero on the white horse,
Oh yeah that’s me. . See!

I need secrets
The faults that shake us.
The quake in the soul.
For every unfulfilled dream
For every unfulfilled desire.
I long to let them free.
But you would see me then.


21 thoughts on “Secret

      1. Blue pill or red? Which would you swallow? Oh sorry I fell into the Matrix. We joke about one of our vendors as being Agent Smith and his posse. So it was top of mind instead of Alice in Wonderland.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Bright colors are so attractive for a reason. Like babies are only cute because of big eyes makes you see them other than needy monsters.


      1. Oh well in that case I have nothing to worry about. My mind looks for sweet chocolate and potato chips. >:)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. The Easter bunny isn’t far off my dear. >:) Of course, the Monty python bunny fits the story a but better >:C (ok it’s not thousands of pointy teeth)


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