God looks across the table at Satan.   Their monthly meeting almost over.

“I went to the crossroads yesterday.  Meet a boy with a guitar.”  God dramatically pauses.

Satan spits out his fermented rare beast.  He starts laughing his best maniacal laughter.
“You know the soul is traded for playing that guitar!”

“Silence!” God’s voice shakes the world.   “You fool! I told him, he well play the most popular music ever!   Glorious choruses!   He’ll possess an angel’s voice.”

“Almighty,  you know music doesn’t have….. the same soul.  Violence, drugs, broken lives… why it isn’t even my birthday!”  Satan cackles. His red face glowing with envy over the rich feelings from taking souls.

“He will play Christian rock.   Psalms from the holiest book!  The most popular book ever printed!   He will spread my word!” God again shaking the world with the voice.

“Good luck with that God.   I’m guessing we can bet lunch on my trip tomorrow. Give it a year, see who sells more. …. deal?!”  Satan hisses.

Written as part of a weekly challenge called Flash Fiction for Aspiring writers.


28 thoughts on “Lunch

    1. Charles Daniels band did “Devil Went Down to Georgia”. A fiddle of gold against your soul because I think I’m better than you! But the game starts before then… or Eric Clapton’s “Crossroads”.

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  1. Interesting take. Will he become a Christian rockstar or fall into a life of many rockstars of drugs, sex, and alcohol. I wouldn’t bet against God, he created even Satan as an angel before the fall after all, so I think he has a bit more time and power on his side.


    1. If the race is a sprint or marathon, things change. Faith would win long term. Eventually, we all have the come to religion point. But what if we’re pawns in a cosmic game of chess. Thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated. 😀

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    1. Role reversal is the ultimate challenge. The idea of long term Faith usually wins but short term dark things are awful attractive. I had the John Mellencamp song in my head with the picture (the link at the bottom). How to work it in was the problem.


      1. I listened to that song but I couldn’t hear it very well (I’m on an iPad). You are right about that faith wins out in the long term but the dark side is very tempting for the short term.

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