25 thoughts on “Picturing State of Mind

      1. A little bit. The light channels thirty feet down. What you see had bounced around quite a bit. It’s a special place. If you ever are near the grand canyon or monument valley, spend an extra day and take a tour

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      2. blogging is more of wild ride than I had imagined! I haven’t dipped into flash fiction much. This blog is helping me to stop rewriting the novels I have written and finish the that pesky 10% that is left to write. 🙂

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      3. oh I have the opposite problem, an overflow of ideas but very little time to execute them. Hence the sheer number of simultaneous novels I am and have been working on. Most of the flash fiction challenges on here use images of real world things too which doesn’t help. I write fantasy. I get enough reality M-F at work. I want nothing to do with it outside of that! 🙂

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      4. I’m exposed to seventy coworkers, six bosses, and deliver to about five hundred houses/businesses (over two thousand individuals) so material and believable characters are there. Most you would believe😉

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