Hello, I’m Me


Challenges?  Who doesn’t love a good challenge.  But oh dear God?!  What the hell is a straight take on my best qualities?   Vanity surely rests at this web address.  But it’s really best sneaking through the weeds, or hiding in a shadow. … that shadow that doesn’t have an obvious light casing it.

I’m mean there’s a great comfort in the edge of darkness.   Not that it hides all the bad things, but you are forced to explore it.  Curiosity demands you step into the twilight areas.   Even if you just poke your head around that corner.   The line from “Dirty Harry”, “I’s just got to know” fits snugly here.   Shadows allow every thing your mind can create to come home.   Your vision betrays you.  Your smell and hearing go crazy at a hint of anything.   Touch is limited to safe things like walls, other people who came into the darkness with you.  Look around you now.   Has your mind come to my dark place.  Hopefully, you’re not alone.   But if you think you are. .. sure it must be true. ……

The setting of a place, descriptive writing and view points are what I feel highlight my qualities here.   Vanity allows multiple answers here.   But my shy quiet writer side resists.  My public speaking past tells me that communication is the preferred trait.


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