Isolated is a point of view.  I look off to the horizon.  It took an hour to go the last ten miles driving.  Looking at the pathway.  I’m in disbelief.  Either I’m following an army or it’s a trap.  You don’t lure someone out here.  It’s remote.  Too many places closer.  Bodies line rest stops, interstates, country roads,  but this is out there.  Hardly sends the right message if you go unfound.

Walking to the back of the Jetta, I keep an eye on the three vehicles here.  The jeep stands out.  Why walk?  In and out.  Before someone sees or hears you.  It’s over.  No one runs to the cops saying it was a silver Jeep, it was off road, you know it looked like every other Jeep!    I’m hoping it’s a tourist.  Some tourists should go to fucking Disneyland.  Crossfire and the Mouse don’t happen much.  

“Pluto with a MP taking out Minnie and Cinderella…that blue dress could hide an RPG and an AK.  Hell, maybe this is like that.”  Who I talk to I’m not sure.  I just know it’s good to talk every once in awhile.

Six boxes of 9mm.  Eight magazines don’t work out like it should.  I hate carrying extra weight.  The sand tears up the gun.  It’s a shame.  Places like this should be used.  The equipment doesn’t deserve it.  People are replaceable.  A good gun with perfect sights not so much.  The backup stuffed in the sock within a hiking boot.  Millie tucked carefully within the small of the back.  She needs gentle care.  She is life itself.  Without her, missions don’t go smoothly.

I scan the lot.  A distant cloud rises.  More traffic, great.  Time to head up the hill.  I watch a jogger crest the ridge.  Long graceful strides carrying him down the dune.  It’s a mile distant from where he comes.  I should shot him.  He tarnishes the harshness of the desert.


16 thoughts on “Campsite

      1. Pretty much! Except at the moment it is sitting in back of my office waiting to go in to my mechanic. After the cold snap, it is running funny. And there is a coolant leak. I love the colour pink… but not when it’s in the snow beneath my car. :/

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      2. Yuck!! I guess it could make for an abstract photo of alien blood on a distant moon like Europa! It’s a German car, not much of a stretch. Hopeful, just a hose or clamp decided to end it all peaceful in the cars sleep.


      3. Well, I hope. My dad put some stuff in the coolant that is supposed to stop leaks. But it still runs kinda rough when I accelerate. My mechanic says it may be ‘misfiring’ (if I had a dollar for every time a man said that- snort!)…. so I am not allowed to drive it for fear of it hurting the catalytic converter. Or so I am told. Am at the mercy of dad’s taxi or transit at the moment. 😦 Grrrr. Soon it will be warm and I will again be running the distance… 7.5km (4.6mi) to work. So I get a nice 9mi workout daily. 😀


      4. I guess us men, should use term like “temperamental” meAning she just wishes you were dead for a week or so;-). You have multiple issues, the car has multiple issues. I’m going to be my seven mile a day walking job.

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      5. Oh no, I didn’t offend you did I? It was supposed to be tongue in cheek. 😦 Oh my goodness. I don’t usually make men jokes.

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    1. Hmmm. Do you have three hundred rounds of ammunition? Any thoughts of meeting people in remote places to reduce the world population? Maybe, just a coincidence. Oh wait, maybe I knew that. Sorry a Camry isn’t a killers vehicle.😀


      1. Perhaps I’ll get a Camry some day. I’ve always thought they were old lady cars. My mom had one. And I loved it. It was just too soft for me. I like to drive. The Jetta *is* three hundred rounds of ammunition. It’s an unassuming vehicle, a big 6-cylinder motor in a little car. The guys have to take the whole front end apart just to do any work.

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      2. That’s why I don’t work on cars anymore, that and lack off blood from attempting vehicle repairs. It seemed a semi sporty car fit a homicidal maniac better than others. Not that he has really killed anyone yet. Just camping with 300 rounds of ammo that would require about twenty five reloading more. Otherwise a typical day.😀

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