Stars that fell

The HMS Compass returned today.
Years traveling out among the stars.
It’s shiny features no longer glisten.
Its payload richness of past suns.
The crew glorious heroes.
Human eyes never seen the wonders.
The mind unable to hold then in.
The radio contact no longer reliable.
The reception waited.
The computer full of data.
Cabin sparsely populated.
The year thirty nine.
The crew all gone.
Fell out among the stars.

The answer to 39

The story Major Tom and friends

11 thoughts on “Stars that fell

    1. It’s one of those little gems hidden next to their hits. It’s makes me think that really were seriously unrated. It sounds crazy that at one time Elvis, the Beatles and the Stones were the only people with bigger sales worldwide. I’m glad you liked it. ūüėÄ

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  1. Lovely. ‚̧ …Freddy Mercury was one of the greatest entertainers ever. I am ashamed to admit that I really only discovered Queen (seriously) when Lady Gaga came onto the scene. I love her. And she makes no secret of how influenced she was by them, by Freddy. You can hear it in much of her music. Anyways.. love love love Queen now. When I need a pick me up I watch this video. He just makes me smile with how he gets that huge crowd going. And then finishes up with a smile and a "fuck you":

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      1. That video? NOt showing in your country. It was Under Pressure. But he starts off with doing all the arpeggios with the audience. It’s fabulous.

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