The Wave

Photo Credit TJ Paris

Gilbert looks at his phone.   His eyes keep a watch toward the side.   The ford across the river was starting to show.  The water levels slowly dissipate.   The last group of people made it through fine.

He is waiting for a couple more people.   He crosses this ford often enough to know what’s under the water.   It has tired to grab him once.   After that he swore it’ll never happen again.

His eye sees a wave running backwards away from the ford.   He can make it quickly.   His legs move quick.   He draws a line straight through the water.   Behind him,  a mother and toddler come.   The little girl wants Rio splash in the water.   Gilbert hears the slashing.   He fears the wave has stuck.

Turning the wave rolls back toward the ford.   The girl screams the giggly happy child noise.   Mom is all smiles.  Gilbert’s face stretches thin.   His slack jaw wants to tell to them. But it’s too late.   They are gone.

A frantic man yells “help,  help the wave got them!!”

No-one comes.

Written as part of a weekly challenge called Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.

41 thoughts on “The Wave

      1. Ah okay, a prompt. I seem to remember an old creeper with a blob in the swamp. it comes to the edge and takes its prey yes? Not the creature from the black lagoon. I think it was actually called the Blob?

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      2. This was a bunch of teenagers in a pond. When they get to a platform in the middle of the pond, the blob comes through the boards. It picks off then one by one. And it moves below the surface. The creature from the black lagoon I forgot what it’s about. I know it’s webbed and had gills at the neck. I might have grabbed someone under the water once by the ankle to understand the thought of how much horror it can induce. All in fun. I may have been kicked once or twice for doing this.:-D


      3. I’ve been brushed by fish while swimming… I scream and have to get out. I’m not into lakes or rivers or ponds or oceans. It makes me a bit of a bore. I like to do things on the water though. Sailing and kayaking yes. Swimming… no thank you. Every time I try something horrifies me.

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      4. You would not do well on a night dive with manta rays. In addition to seeing a giant mouth loop by your head (yes it could fit a human head), there’s little fish that nibble at your fingers.. somehow a ten foot wide Ray is peaceful. It’s about four to six inches away from your snorkel mask. But they are friendly.

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      5. You’re right. I would not do well. Worse even if I were on the water while divers were in the water I would spend the entire time freaking out and worrying about people. I’m speaking from experience. I can’t do it. I must have drown in a previous life or something.

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      6. Sorry to say this darling. But maybe you’re normal. There are all kinds of people who lose it over fish nibbling on them. If you worry, it’s worse because you lack vision to the side. Surprises are underwater with you.


      7. HAH! Well…you decide. I hear some shark species can live happily in fresh water. Perhaps you can start a business on the shores of Lake Erie! Food for them? No problem, send them over to Crystal Beach on the Canadian side. 😉

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      8. I’m guessing there would be a place like Cedar Point with beach front that would have issues with me feeding the sharks their customers. Bull sharks are the most common ones that can go into fresh water. But they have this nasty habit of getting fed up with people (literally) . Maybe I could find another species….

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      9. Yes, the requiem sharks are not the happiest bunch. Olfaction machines. Not sure they swim fast enough to provide an enjoyable fin thrill. I wonder if instead you create an underwater “dog sleigh” of Dogfish sharks or Nurse sharks. No danger to people… and they are smaller and easier to keep. Not sure how many per team you might need. Hmmmm

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      10. I will just stand on shore and shake my head. Oddly, I imagine people would come try it out. Perhaps it could be a new form of capital punishment… you know, in the testing phase at least.

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      11. You dive yes? I think you’ve mentioned. I did manage to pet a ray at the Ripley’s aquarium in Toronto. Get in the water with them… no thank you.

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      12. They are gentle. Even with a thousand pounds of manta bounces off your thigh. My tom cat run harder than they do. I snorkel. I’m actually done it enough to give training to newbies. I need more trips to Hawaii to keep you my skills;-)


  1. Great job at building tension and contrasting that with the sweetness of the child and her mother. It makes it all the more devastating when the wave gets them.

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