My Stats – Explaining Others Interest
I have done extensive research.  People like photos!  Really, I have racked my brain with far less returns.  Point and shoot get clicks.   Testing this theory here are cat photos.  My favorite tom cat Elvis!  He lives with three girls.  This explains him in a suit case saying I’m going too!  

See my stats climbing to new height….   Oh wait he’s a rescue.  Only you sharing this can help him beat a rainbow with 182 views.  I’ll gladly post Those animal videos of caged homeless animals if my sweet little tom cat… He’s fourteen years old.  Don’t make him move those arthritic hips to pose again!  

All those make money on your blog sites tell me “ask and ye shall receive”.  Or wait, that’s the Jim Jones story.  It all gets so confusing.  But seriously, photos mean clicks.

19 thoughts on “My Stats – Explaining Others Interest

      1. I have the privilege of living where people lack sufficient brains to drive. Therefore, zombies would starve to death. Or if required to steal someone else’s, I would be stuck unable to move at a green light. If it didn’t change to red I’d be stuck there forever…

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  1. Ha! Great strategy! lol

    Elvis is adorable! I’d adopt him myself, if it wasn’t for the fact I live in Australia, he probably wouldn’t get through customs and that our NEIGHBOURS cat snuck INTO our house, went behind the couch and gave birth to four kittens.

    So we went from no cats to 5 cats, since she refuses to go home and the vet said it’s best to leave them where they are for now so as not to disturb the nursing.. you get the drift!

    Also Elvis is like a walking carpet! I hope you brush that critter!


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