The Cruise


“These pants don’t fit!  Evelyn, I look the a stuffed sausage!   As much as I love the cruise idea, I think I ate myself it out my wardrobe.”  Maurice looks in vain at the silvery metal of the mirror.

“Oh dear,  it’s been a hundred years since we’ve five one of these!  You have ti diet like the rest of us do.  The food is always best part.” Evelyn getting ready in the pigeon hole bathroom.

“Definitely too much Italian and Mexican.  I’m glad we’re going home now. These interior rooms are like a coffin.” He continues to try and see himself in the mirror.

“When you get home, you’ll have your own bed to sleep in.  Now, let’s go before the Sun comes up and turns us to dust.  Stop wasting your time at the mirror!  You know we can’t see ourselves anyway.”  Evelyn emerges into the room.  

When daylight comes, two have vanished.   Thirty are found drained from their trip.

Written as part of a weekly challenge. ..

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