“I have always felt like a fish out of water.   Even on the beach, people stare.   Am I really that different?!”  Natalie looks at Frieda.

“I’d kill to have that hair of yours!  Maybe they like how you look.  Your at the beach relax!   God, girl live a little! It wouldn’t kill you.”  Frieda smiles and points out the boys on the surf boards. “The tall one keeps looking over here. …..I think he likes one of us.   I wonder who?”

“He’s just starting.  I’m not sure that’s sick or like on his face.   I bet he doesn’t even see us.   Yep, he’s after somebody else.  Wait, he’s really coming over here.   Don’t look at him!” Natalie starts to raise her voice a but.

“Oh you caught yourself a man, Natalie!  Look him in. .. don’t let this one get away.” Frieda giggles.  She hopes it goes well this time.

Scott finds his way toward them.  About a hundred feet out he comes to a stop.   He stands slack jawed.   Blinking eyes to clear his mind.

“Whoa, she’s got a tail.  I knew she wasn’t from here!” He speaks softly.


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