My Heart

My heart needs to replace you.
There a void left still.
I stopped maintaining it.
I no longer look for signs.
I no longer hope for smiles.
Time heals no wounds.
Wounds devour time.
The place you held.
The heart beats you inspired
Have long pasted by.
Lifts to my spirit
Sunk into oblivion….
I would like to pause.
I would like to mourn.
But that’s been done already.
The person I wanted
Showed up today.
Her face wasn’t yours


Submitted as part of a challenge

13 thoughts on “My Heart

    1. Thank you my darling. I had the first line in my head. The rest just a thought of those feelings left when the fire has turned to ash. I’m in a writing phrase I guess. 😀


    1. Interesting. I never had the betrayal part in mind. The line came into my mind and swam around to the empty part not the cause of it. Thanks so much for the comment and kind words. 😀


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