Naked with Black Socks

What a great title!   In response to the daily prompt about speaking in public.   I’m one of those idiots who didn’t sense fear in a crowd.   I have come to realize getting up in front of people isn’t comfortable for most people.   A long time ago, I had a life changing experience.   My high school cancelled Latin classes.  Some well meaning person took this as a sign from God (questionable because our mascot was a Blue Devil) to place a shy quiet person into a public speaking and debate class.  I sat next to that quiet person but we both signed up for Latin.

Anyhow years later.   Hand me a piece of paper.  Put me in front of a hundred, three hundred people and I’ll be fine.   Just be clear on a time frame.   I have done thirty minutes on consumer protection at a seminar.   My history of public speaking includes the evolution of sex (as a seventeen year old in my first college class), singing in a band, training large groups of people on technical and job requirements.  

So naked with black socks?  It would have to be a warm room.

13 thoughts on “Naked with Black Socks

  1. I used to be a very quiet person until college when I had to take public speaking as a requirement for my major. Prior to taking this class, I was in my high school drama club and while that allowed me to get on stage and perform, I wasn’t being myself so I wasn’t afraid. Taking the public speaking class though, I found my voice and I also discovered that I’m quite good at at and that helped improve my confidence level. I actually enjoy public speaking!

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    1. Good for you darling. I used to be the safety person at work, three or four times a week I had to speak about dry boring stuff to people who have done their job for years, and hold their interest. The ability to speak freely is wonderful!

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  2. As a person who is categorised under “the quite girl” in class, I’m really jealous of people who have enough confidence to do public speaking so good for you! XD

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    1. I never sought out to do it. I became well versed in a few things. Next thing you know I as like the kid on the bike without training wheels. I’ll be glad to stop by. :-D. Thanks for the kind words

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    1. It took a couple months to get good at it. Most of it is self confidence. If you make mistakes, You’re the only one who probably knows it. And in a crowd, no-one will usually go to great lengths to embarrass you.


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