Killing Time

An old oak tree tops the isolated hill.   Leaves gone with the cold wind of change.   At its feet, stone slabs rest weary upon scrub.   The green drained from the earth.   The howl of the wind echoes in the void here.

A solidarity figure rests high in a saddle.   The dark clothes match the scene.   The horse looks made of shadow.  It’s head raised.   It’s nose twisting to find a scent.  The tail snaps side to side. Time had slowed.   The pale Sun frozen in the sky casts a hazy glow.

A muffled voice shatters the scene.   It’s origin distant.   It’s direction approaching.   The solitary man hears but fails to garner his attention.  Horses show from the other side.
Three encumbered by three men.

The solitary man walks the shadow horse toward the tree.   A left hand produces a single strand that arches gently over a branch.  At its termination, a loop dangles. 

Of the four men, only one regrets it’s killing time.

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14 thoughts on “Killing Time

  1. I don’t know why but this kind of makes me think of Billy the Kid. Back in the 90’s when Young Guns and Young Guns 2 came out, I was obsessed with Billy the Kid. I even did a project report on him and reading this, I was picturing Billy as the solitary man and Pat Garrett with his men, coming to kill him. Now, Billy wasn’t killed at the top of a hill (that we know of) but this is what went through my mind while reading this. Weird right? Popping over from #momsterlink

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    1. Never thought of that angle. I saw a picture earlier with the tree on a hill with a cemetery. It scared hanging tree. My little twisted mind started playing and old west justice won out. I’m glad it fit the bill the kid idea. Thanks darling

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