Delta Suggested Slogan

“Hey we tried!”

Camera zooms in on jetway from airport terminal side.  The wall become canvases covered in snowy scenes from across the Northeast.   Blizzard winds make the capital building vanish. … superimposed plane rising over scene in the nick of time.  A police truck wuth a plow clears a car consumed by a snow drift (it has a mommy dog and seven new born puppies)… plane flys above the scene.  The liberty bell locked in its supports still rings out clearing a path for a fire crew to rescue Grandma! ….  yeah there’s a plane flying through.  At the bottom of the jetway, 125 weary souls struggle to move nearly paralyzed limbs.   Steve Miller’s “Fly Like an Eagle” plays.   The navy blue scene with a red triangle points out, we all made through together! The red triangle spins the scene to read, it was our pleasure to get you through ti your destination! Then point out on a day where 10,000 flights were cancelled, we managed ti delay everything whether it went through the path of said storm.

The refugee thing is coming to an end.  I write this two hours out.  My two cookies gave me the sugar strength to do part four.


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