Delta Refugee part 3 trapped!

I have reached the plane!   It has snow on it.  We’re being held until further notice! The conspiracy theory is deicing the plane. All I know when trapped on a plane go to the back and beg for water.  Humbling but you will not die from thirst the way.   Forgot asking for pop (soda to the new engladers), but coffee can be negotiated.

I’m now looking at arriving thirteen hours late for a six hour trip.  At this rate I’ll be catching up with Gilligan’s Island. Their three hour tour lasted a few seasons. ūüė¶

Breaking news from the flight deck. We are in a cue for about twenty to forty minutes to get in the line to deice the plane. Meaning it’ll be morning before this thing moves. Hopefully one in the morning.

They have sent the flight attendants to pass out water to the masses. Then ten minutes later collected the empty cups. Their deliberate pace made it look like something was about to happen!

Why is it a flight deck when it’s on the same level as the rest of the plane?

Ok more breaking news. One hour to push back to deice. One hour to deice. I’ll be in a security line rather than a hotel bed.

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