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There’s a point in winter when vacations are important.   Ok maybe vital.   Above is what I look like in January and February.   While this doesn’t necessarily make it the cheapest time to go, wouldn’t a beach and 80 degrees sound good? I have taken it upon myself to had to Hawai’i. The big island of Hawai’i.

If you have never been, I’m guessing price has been a problem.  Airfare,  hotels and rental car may kill you.   Food isn’t cheap, but there’s ways around some of it.   I’m in Ohio.  Although called the Midwest, it’s a long way to Hawaii.   The airlines have a real sense of humor about flying and prices.   Unless your local airport is a hub for a particular airline, it’ll cost you more to fly.   I check prices between Pheonix, Los Angeles,  San Francisco,  and Seattle to Hawai’i.  Honolulu, which is on Oahu, will vary greatly from Kailua-Kona (Kona) or Hilo on the big island.  It sounds crazy at first.  But staying overnight Phoenix and saving almost $200, pays a big chunk of the rental car.   Planning is key.  Prices go up and down like the stock market.  Use an app to search for prices helps.   I use four to six different internet/app searches when I travel.  If it sounds like a hassle, it can be.   But spending $2800, or $4000 for two people makes it worthwhile.

Hotels are like airfare.   Prices change quickly.   Enroll in member programs in hotels that you prefer.   The points may not add up for people who rarely travel, but there are sales for members, or at arrival you may be upgraded for nothing.  I’m staying in a private owned place.   It’s a condo but nit called that.   Flipkey, VRBO and Tripadvusor are a few places to rent houses/condos.  Kitchens mean you can save on breakfast or another meal. They are usually cheaper than hotel for a week.

If you are going to Hawai’i, stop at GoHawaii.com.  They have links to advertisements but the rental car deals won’t be beat.   Sometimes half of best web deal!   Especially on a 4WD vehicle.   Airport rentals have high taxes and some resorts have pickup sites available.   Hotels with start more expensive but taxes are higher at airport.  Look at both!

Food is difficult.  We all have different tastes.  Try to make happy hour and lunch specials.   The same food at dinner (usually) but slightly smaller portion and much lower price.  Restaurants are fluid businesses.   They disappear or rename frequently.   Find reviews and compare multiple.   Some people are paid to post reviews or pay employees to post bad reviews for other places.  Find reasonable normal talk in a review.   If I’m telling you where the duck sauce comes from, either I work there or I spend too much time tasting the food.   Bad reviews happen.   Peak times of travel mean longer waits.   If wait is only issue, judge it on the good not service.

Below is a travel book that I would recommend.   Always get one for a week trip.  Go to library.   But it used.   Doesn’t matter.  Learn from someone else.  You’ll travel better and cheaper.


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