Reblog – Hurt Feelings

* The problem is world-wide, but North America in particular has turned into a bunch of whimpering, whining, wimpy, wussy, wieners. I’m all for being respectful, and not intentionally hurting feelings, but more and more, within any larger group, is a smaller sect, driven by the usual ego and insecurity, who make an industry out […]

3 thoughts on “Reblog – Hurt Feelings

  1. I liked this article! I did not understand why people got into such an uproar over the rebel flag and I was pretty pissed when I saw they took Dukes of Hazzard off the air because of it. I grew up on that show and they took it off because people got offended? I understand people get offended but to riot over it just seems like over kill. Why can’t we just talk about it first and at least hear each other out before we overreact to something we don’t fully understand? I really do hope this year sees a change with this! Thanks for re-blogging this article.

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