Worst Case Scenario


What is the worst thing that could happen today?  Or any day really.  Simple answers are always best.  I could go back thirty years and start the adult life thing over without the benefit of learning from experience.

What the hell is wing with you?!  I can hear a few of you saying this.   To be young and start over, how can that be worst case scenario? Let me explain.

I’m happy where I am!   My life is far from perfect.   If I started over again, my doubts say you may end up in a different place.   But can you guarantee better place.   There is a method to this madness.

I have traveled to fifty states, and two other counties.   Forty states and one country post high school.   I found (ok lost a fight with ex wife based on “I’ll work there if you tell me how to get job” threat) job with vacation, my wife had issues I can almost deal with, my health has been great (due to waking 6-7 miles a day at work), only drawback is where I live.   I’m trying to transfer.

So let’s roll some dice here.   What part do you give up on first?   So I never traveled.   I could have used a week off from work each year (I get 26 days a year now) and in forty years I’d get there.   Looking out the window at the Grand Canyon?! Nope.  Any of you marry more than once?   I’m guessing I’m not the only one.   People are challenging at best.  Although, some days trading her in cross the mind. … I’ll keep her (she doesn’t read my posts ;-)).  I’d be a neurotic mess stuck inside.   A desk job, or administrative job wouldn’t work.   I’ve been through about eleven years of management bliss.  Not trying for year twelve.

So I’ll smile and look at the Sun.   A rarity in this part of the world in January.   But Janus had two faces, this one is smiling.

3 thoughts on “Worst Case Scenario

  1. I wouldn’t want to go back and do it over again either. I’ve come a long way since becoming an adult. Sure there are things that I would erase if I could because they were bad decisions. I knew they were bad decisions at the time and made them anyway. They are minor things though and not really worth a redo. Every mistake I made, I learned from and that helped me to grow as a person. I’m happy with the person I am now and I wouldn’t be here without having made the mistakes I made, so I’m with you on this.

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