A Dance

The cold chill of the morning.

Light prying at the edge of darkness.

The moon in crescent hides it’s face.

Venus blazes low failing to hide  at tree top.

She races up in the sky.

The pale yellow of Saturn glows.

He has been calling her to join him.

Her slow graceful moves brings her close.

Her pace is deliberate, her steps measured.

She is the brightest in the sky.

He waits with rings open, like a monochrome peacock.

For a brief dance they will almost touch.

Their light a glancing merge for a day, no more.

The rare dance in heavens above a waking Earth.
Photo Credit Rob Sparks(@halfAstro) original posting on Universe Today

Added to the momsterlink party. Come and see…unless you’re scared;-)

9 thoughts on “A Dance

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I like participating with different groups of people. It helps the writing and gives you new points or view. People who begin to know you sometimes will not tell you things like what does that last line mean, after you have been autocorrected. 😀


  1. That is a great poem! It’s great for this time of year when the nights are longer and much colder. As soon as I started reading it, I thought of how cold it was this morning (10 degrees) and how nice and cozy it was under my blankets:-) Thanks for sharing with #momsterlink

    Liked by 1 person

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