Day 2 of El Paso Snowstorm 2015

A couple of photos of my backyard! The snow is supposed to stop at 11 p.m. tonight. Our power went out last night for a few minutes. It was out for hours in other El Paso neighborhoods. Baby, it’s COLD outside! Hey, the WP snow matches perfectly! Ha ha ha! Do you want to build a […]


Young at Heart
First thought on aging.  Your brain is not good at keeping track of your true age.  Knees, necks, hands and backs are here to remind us of the ugly truth.  The only escape is to stay in motion, once you stop moving age comes limping cane in hand to beat the body into submission.  Or as my Mother-In-Law would say, ” You can’t see. You can’t hear. You can’t do anything.  No one cares!”

But I’m a long way from becoming old.  My inner child still picks out my travel agenda.  My inner child can find wonder and interest in the world when chaos destroys those important plans of what must be done.  Never forgetting that there are good things if you want to see them.  Nature is a great teacher that your spirit wants to get away from the daily stress we manufacture.  Avoiding the stress keeps the heart free. 

 Hiding the ugly, underbelly of the past.  Losing the past failures of life.  Remembering the past is over.  The demons like to keep you in your own box!  The strings of youth within our hearts are still there.  We have to want to pull on them.  

Getting old is optional.  Aging is unavoidable.  

Christmas past

We all have memories of what Christmas is or was.   Some are simple, like I remember getting the greatest present ever.   Or finding the legendary gift to to all gifts.  Maybe, the spirit of the holiday.   The people who we can not longer share it with.  

For my little local world of Cleveland, this was Christmas.   Well Christmas past.

Video from when it was only shown at Christmas time.   Hard to believe but a movie made in this town would go on to bury Mr Mingling.  Ralphie probably had the ghost of Mr Jingling help shoot his eye out.

Forest through the Trees


This post was written as part of Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Details can be found at

The neophyte walked amongst the trees.   Her postion marked by the pink umbrella.   The trees would keep their distance.   Although several pines looked down at her.   They despised the fencing.   Keeping humans safe.   Just give the trees axes.   It would be fair then.

Sally walked down the black path.   Her fairy wings still not earned.   She looked about her.   The trees stirred the breezes.   She knew the difference.   She dreams of the day when she’ll live in the trees.   Out of the bubble of technology.   Free to be the person she was born to be.

Her eyes reach toward the small rock outcrop ahead.   Within those stones is her peace.  Her communion with nature.   In a fortnight, she will emerge as a fairy.  If she has learned her lessons.