The following was one of my first posts.  It was written as a prompt in which you find a letter and read it, you know to find out whom it belongs too.

In figuring out the seemingly mandatory year end review.  I’ve taken a footprint from the sands of time.  While I really appreciate the 2300 or so people with 8800 views, kill you with numbers isn’t the best way to say thank you.  I look forward to 2016 and the stories and pictures that we get to share.

To you and yours..Happy New Year.
I have a secretary. It’s a desk, the top lifts up like a car hood. The innards reveal a pyramid of rectangular cubbyholes. This is eighty years old. Grandma’s stuff carefully arranged as if it was yesterday not ten years she has been gone. Cleaning out items opens windows to her as person.

An old letter yellowed with age hides in a corner. The date is May 15, 1923 and the ink has spread into paper. It seem extra bold. Grandma had finished business school. The letter from someone who will dearly miss her. Somewhat charming, even playful, it reads on. Grandpa’s name doesn’t appear in signature.


12 thoughts on “Buried

      1. yes. there will always be something to treasure about anyone’s past (family photo’s, trinkets etc.) Good to know with the advent of advance technology we can share it to just about anyone regardless of the distance. I’m so thankful i learned to blog and read other people’s writings. Beautiful gift i supposed. thanks for the photo.

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  1. It’s been really wonderful getting to know you and your writing. I’m looking forward to 2016 as well. What a productive year we will all have! Love Mae.

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      1. It’s funny how we can view our elders. I felt like my thoughts of her were as imaginary idealistic figure when I read this. As she was sixty years older than me, it seemed like I never saw her really intact with people when I was old enough to really pay attention.

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