Sleepy Town Awakes


Copyright Jean L. Hays

Written as part of a weekly challenge. See for details.

It’s a restless night journey.   Max had taken the wrong road.  The winding road spills out into a crossroads. His eyes heavy. The bridge and river seem a mirage.

His stomach calls out for breakfast.   The mind tends to forget food when driving.   A beacon pierces the fog in his mind.  A glowing sign from above.   Coffee shop door cries out for his attention.

He finds a spot across the street.  His mind swims. His directions were lousy.  He was told he would know when he got there.   His target might be through the same door. A human hunter is never an easy job.   They’re most unpredictable once they leave their routine. He secures the small case out of the backseat. 

The door pops open before him.   He steps back to let another customer pass through.   In the background, those long blonde curls fall against the face locked in his mind.   A busy cafe wasn’t the right place for a man of business.

Forty minutes crawl by.   His egg platter special drawn out as long as possible.  Four coffees that he well regret later.

The chance to make his move finally comes. Her last customer leaves.

“Crystal, you are a hard person to find.   This is yours! It’s all you have left.” Max hands her the case. Smiles and leaves.

“I don’t understand.  How do you know me?” She asks to the man fading into the street.

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