It’s a Space ship


Photo Credit Sonya of Only 100 Words
This was written as part of a weekly challenge.   Details can be found below.

“It’s a space ship! Alex, I know it’s a space ship!” Michael points frantically with his right hand.

“Michael, it’s a water tank! Mom tell him it’s a water tank.” Alex dismissing his little brother as Mom drags them across Green Park.

“Alex, when I get bigger. .. I’ll go up there and fly off with out you! I’ll look down from Jupiter at you and laugh.   You’ll be sorry. You’re be here all by yourself!”

“Michael, you are stupid! You get soaked climbing in there and I’ll have to climb up there to get you out.”

“Boys! No-one is stupid! Got it! It’s what ever he wants it to be! We’re late for doctor. So fighting is over.” Mom gives the look every child knows.

25 thoughts on “It’s a Space ship

    1. Yep they happen everyday. I love just how the subject is treated by the smallest of kids. It really changes about how different we see the world around us. And yes I still know the mom look.


  1. Children have such imaginations but you never know the kid who thought he will go up and fly could be right. He might actually just fall off the tower too… Great writing.

    Liked by 1 person

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