In the Desert

“I want to sleep with you in the desert tonight. With a million stars all around.” Ross smiles at Stephanie singing the words slightly out of tune.

“Dream on buddy!” Her words not matching the eye contact that goes with them. “I’m not going out there at night! I’d trust you more than the snakes, scorpions, and coyotes out there.  And I’m not rushing at trusting what else you have in mind.”

“Have you ever seen the sky miles out of town? We can sit in back of pickup. Grab a couple beers.   Leave the radio on to scare of the critters.” His own words not quite as bold, slowly trail off.  Ross never really figured out this closing the deal part.

Stephanie stares back at him. She likes the idea but isn’t giving in that easy.  it’s not her first trip to the desert. “Why on earth am I crawling into that old truck of yours? Hell, I’ll be covered in dust and old dog hairs.   I get myself all made up, and you want me all covered in dirt.”

The words hang in the air.   Two people state back at each other. Each one waiting for the silence to break.   Eyes of each locked on the others face.   A high stakes game being played out in split seconds.

“I. … guess you better. .. wwear something. .. that can look good with a little dirt and dog hair.  I can come get you about 7.” Ross spits out a stuttering response that smooths out quickly.

“What makes you think that’s going to happen?!” Stephanie put her right hand on her hip and leans back slightly.

“I don’t know. Maybe it’s what got us married in the first place.  Mom can watch the kids tonight.”  He winks at her.  Five years from their first trip to the desert. He’s still nervous at times around her.

First lines are from “Peaceful Easy Feeling” by the Eagles. The song can be heard with link below

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