Young at Heart
First thought on aging.  Your brain is not good at keeping track of your true age.  Knees, necks, hands and backs are here to remind us of the ugly truth.  The only escape is to stay in motion, once you stop moving age comes limping cane in hand to beat the body into submission.  Or as my Mother-In-Law would say, ” You can’t see. You can’t hear. You can’t do anything.  No one cares!”

But I’m a long way from becoming old.  My inner child still picks out my travel agenda.  My inner child can find wonder and interest in the world when chaos destroys those important plans of what must be done.  Never forgetting that there are good things if you want to see them.  Nature is a great teacher that your spirit wants to get away from the daily stress we manufacture.  Avoiding the stress keeps the heart free. 

 Hiding the ugly, underbelly of the past.  Losing the past failures of life.  Remembering the past is over.  The demons like to keep you in your own box!  The strings of youth within our hearts are still there.  We have to want to pull on them.  

Getting old is optional.  Aging is unavoidable.  

27 thoughts on “Young at Heart

  1. I think you have a nice way with words, made me feel slightly better about the ‘ageing’ process. Personally I think its about circumstances and how much pressure you link age and achievement. I recently turned 26 and have to take on a lot of responsibility from a young age, therefore I don’t feel like a young person the way I should. I also feel like at this age I should have accomplished more so personally its all to do with the circumstance your in that can force you to think and act older. check out the blog I wrote a few months back on the same topic.

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    1. Age is a matter of mind. I grew up self sufficient at early age. It died make you act or think older. Prospective changes greatly. I’ll be glad to take a look st your post. Thanks for the kind words


      1. Thank you appreciate your comment. It does make you have to grow up faster. It’s all your state of mind I hence they say your as young As you feel. You can be young t if you don’t feel young within yourself

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      2. People give up on their youth to easily. The youth is somehow disappointed without being negative. Everything is possible, mix it with a little experience and people wonder what’s wrong with you. 😉


      3. depends on their circumstances sometimes and mindset. I’m not sure what country you live in. But in London there are many schemes and support networks to help young people, but some feel so disengaged already. Youth should be enjoyed and it should be a stress free time

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      4. I’m across the pond, in the states. We have a network called guilt and social services. If you force your child to be alone at any point now it’s abuse. If they do chores, well that’s child labor now. Actually, our kids spend too much time indoors. We would meet up and play baseball or football without parents organizing. They don’t let kids use the fields anymore due to possible law suits. Children don’t explore much outside the Internet here


      5. it is like that over here also the children are very over protected. they cant play out in their neighbourhoods, as you said cant be left alone. Its hard for them to make that leap from childhood to adult hood. at the age of 20 I was heavily dependent on my mum until she passed away then I had to become a adult over night


    1. I have about 49 calendar years. In my job, I have walked about 32,000 miles. My neck is arthritic. But backpacking, hiking, swimming are vacation activities. I look about 38. I try to act younger. Young at heart beats watching a twenty something complain about being tired. I’m hoping old age can’t keep up with me.😀


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