8 thoughts on “Last of the Christmas Kitty Pictures

      1. They are wonderful until your sleeping in interferes with breakfast time. It was a good year no fuzz ball opened presents, or incriminating fur ended up in the tree. 🙂


      2. LOL! Well yes. I was very fortunate ,my kitty was a night-hawk and he like to munch in the middle of the night. So when morning came he would relish staying in bed longer than me. Mind you, I get up at 3-4am on most days. That is when I am most creative. He would simply look at me as if to say “Thank you for that very large warm spot.”

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      3. Yep the girls come in get us out of bed. Then take it over for the rest of day. I’m about to make cheese stuffed peppers, I’ll have a bunch of fuzz balls soon. White cheddar is better than catnip apparently.😀


      4. Oh my goodness that sounds adorable! My guy used to come running if I crinkled a bag of Doritos. I don’t think he ever tried real cheese though.

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      5. They have these felt balls that they carry around and usually at night they will wail in the hallway from someone to play with them. During the day, they will let you throw the felt balls at them, but they don’t do fetch.


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