The Green Man


Submitted as part of Sunday Photo Fiction.

“Mama, I can always walk when I see the green man, right?!” Lori twisted her head a little to the left.  Her smile was inquisitive.

“Little one.  You only go with the green man.  You can’t cross the street without him. Why?  Are you going to town soon?”  Mama looked back did the  same little head twist at the end.  Her eyes wondering where the question came from.

“Ok, Mama.  We’re going later I think.  That’s what he told me last night.  I told him I want to get you a present.  He said if I don’t tell you first, we can’t go.  You like the store with the big red bow in it, don’t you?” Lori looks back at mom.  Her smile beams.  She is standing tall like a big girl.

Mama pauses. What does she mean by last night? 

“Well, he didn’t tell me he was going to take you.  When are you leaving? I think I should make sure he knows the right store.  There’s a lot of red bows out there!”  Mama smiles.  Uneasy, a bit.  Silly feelings swirl.  It’s nothing but the little imagination….

Lori disappears around a corner.  Ducking behind like only a small child can.  Her footfalls sound a path upstairs.  

Mama crosses the kitchen.  Her coffee grown cold.  A warm up to keep her mind clear.  She looks out a window into backyard suburbia.

A soft green glow lights up the walls.  Mama feels a chill down her spine.  Her eyes catch the color but not the source. 

“We will be safe.  Lori wants to go so bad.  I’ll keep her safe.”  The thoughts enter her mind.  She stops in mid breath.  Her body fights her trying to turn.  The mothers will wins out.  Her mind doesn’t quite do as well.

Before her a six foot glowing figure.  The green man stares through giant black eyes.  The lack of mouth didn’t seem to prevent him from talking.

“Mama, well be back in an hour.  Everything is ok!”  He responds.

“I’m ready to go.  Mama, we both are wearing green!  Bye, bye mama!”

Frozen in place.  Mama can not longer speak.  Mama can no longer breath.  Her helpless eyes watch them fade in front of her.  A little smile fades last.

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