Depression and Aspartame

I little story about aspartame and it’s effects.  As usual, we approve something for use. Then instead of it being in one food it’s in a bunch of them.   So hoist your fat free yogurt and wash it down with a diet pop. Then read this.

2 thoughts on “Depression and Aspartame

  1. Yes! I stick as close as I can to whole foods. I don’t eat very much meat, don’t like cooked veggies so eat raw a lot, and pretty much only drink water and my morning coffee. With 6000+ processed food sources using aspartame and simple processed sugars, you need be excessively diligent about scanning labels. And it used to be that if you stuck to the outside perimeter of the grocery store you would be safer, but now… grocers have become wise to it and make it more and more difficult to stay away from packaging and processing. YUK!

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