The Big Gamble – Literary Lion


I play you like a game.  We both know it.  I laugh at it sometimes.  I let you gamble with me.  I’m your penny slot.  You are risking nothing and winning nothing.  Sure a dollar disappears, whoa I give fifteen cents back!  You’ll never learn.  I hope not.  This is my life’s work.  

“I’m so glad we went to Vegas!  It’s so glam! I can’t believe we are in a real pyramid!  Can we walk the street again?!  Do you think the girls would come to the room?  You know….to show people, men… A good time?!  It so weird.  The guys flicking the cards” Emily fights back the anxiety of it all.  A small town girl lost in lights.  Real bad people but what if they are real people.  A small town girl knows everyone.  Secrets aren’t allowed.  You embarrass the family. If you know did, what they do here.

“I told you. When I take you out of Indiana, you’ll be reborn!” Kiel kisses her on the head. “You won’t to talk to a stripper? I bet we can find them over on Industrial Street.  Strip Clubs.  Maybe I get to see you on a pole.  You’d be so sexy!  Would you spin for me?  Or would the dollars in the panties go to your head?” 

She blushes.  “I couldn’t do it. I love to watch them dance.”

Kiel’s mind flashes.  You lose!  Pull the handle gamble again! As long as you think small…

Emily smiles. “You know me so well. If I could do it….well, you would let me..right?  It’s not that I want to… Just I’ve never known someone who did.  Forget it!  I like the pyramid game over there.  Let’s go but a couple dollars in it!”

Kiel smiles. “Babe, you do what ever you want.  I’m right behind you.”

Kiel laughs.  He knows she wouldn’t go anywhere but back to nowhere.   She gambled and lost.  Now she has him.

This is a response to a challenge known as literary lion. Please see the details here.

20 thoughts on “The Big Gamble – Literary Lion

  1. Also, to comment on the shoe. When we go to these big clubs in Vegas we always go to the clubs wearing giant heals. We were drunk and stumbling home one night, and our feet were so sore from dancing. My friend was carrying a beautiful pair of shoes and we meant up with some guys from Chicago for awhile. The next morning we realized my friend had lost a shoe on the walk back to the hotel.

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  2. This is an interesting story. I feel he is testing her to see if she will ‘colour outside the lines’ and take him on the being a stripper challenge. It seems at first that he’s disappointed that she isn’t all in for it but then at the end you say ” he knew she wouldn’t go anywhere but nowhere but she had him.” I have mixed feelings about this line. On one hand I’m happy she has him and that he likes that she won’t do bad things, he’s her ‘going outside the lines.’ At the same time I am sad because I think that he probably is stopping her from going outside the lines and maybe making some real self-discovery and realizations about herself. I don’t know if a dancing on a stripper pole would make a difference. It was fun to do it in Vegas night clubs (but not as a stripper) when I was twenty-two and twenty-three years old. Great job!

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    1. He’s more controlling in a bad way, there’s safety in it for her. But control isn’t a good thing. There was a darkness about him. She’s the little town girl at heart. So talking her into anything is a most.

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  3. I was with some friends once, celebrating one of the guy’s birthdays. Everyone was high & hammered and his wish was to go see some girls dance. I’m always game for some debauchery– forget the cards. One of my girlfriends (his date) ended up on stage that night. She lost her shoes under the steps up to the platform. I will never forget hers and the dancer’s bare assess up in the air crawling around on the ground looking for those shoes. Surreal. Oh my god, she was from a small town too. Their relationship didn’t last. Your story makes it all so romantic. I love that dissonance. Churning the purity of the pretty little country girl with the glitz and glamour of big-time Vegas. You just feel something bad’s going to happen. 😉

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    1. It’s Vegas. Bad things get lost in the shuffle. Mostly harmless story but the small town girl fits the city better with a touch of foreboding. I love the story of the shoe. My wife got pulled up on stage during a vampire musical. I thought she was going to have a heart attack.


      1. My friend got naked. It was awesome. They asked her if she wanted a job.

        I’ve never been to Vegas, and I likely will never go if I can help it. I get sick in Casinos as I’ve worked hard as nails for every dollar I’ve ever had. I will put junk food in my mouth before I spend at a casino. I don’t condemn people who can enjoy it. But every week people throw themselves over Niagara Falls, ruined families, ruined lives. Behind all the glitz, there is a sad horror I can’t shake when I’m there.

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      2. You have to be able to control yourself. When I go to a casino, it’s like a concert. Here’s my budget. If it’s gone so am I. Las Vegas is a gateway to the south west for me. Cheap airfare and a dozen parks within three hours by car.

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      3. Yeah, the only way for me to control myself is to not start in the first place. I don’t have an addictive personality, but I’m competitive, very competitive. So if I start going up against a machine I have no chance of beating, that is a recipe for disaster. I like risk, if I can at least calculate a viable way to minimize it.

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      4. I understand what you mean. I’m competitive as well. But I pick my places to be so. At a table game, it’s much more difficult. But I play $3 black Jack when I can find a cheap table. As a fellow risk taker, I pick my spots. I tend to think after I start at most things.

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    1. It’s an unique world in itself. The people remember they are alive. A city of a million temporary timid gangsters riding a bus up and down a street of incredibly ridiculous buildings. Fun place.

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