She stares at me.
Eyes feel like tentacles.
My skin creeps at the invisible touch.
I welcomed her once.
I feel her always when she’s near.
Not the tall thin, but the real curved woman.
She flashes green eyes.
The gaze carries souls toward her.
I’m frozen in place yet hopelessly drawn.
I cross canyons of the past.
She extends arms for an embrace.
She fits like a glove, her intentions gone.
The feeling of what was never.
The hope of what should have been.
The wonder of everything forced to shadows.
I pull away to save me.
She pulls my strings back effortlessly.
She’s a nightmare, she’s my curse in shadows.

14 thoughts on “She

  1. It’s only when you’re walking down to the water’s edge at 3am, drunk as a skunk, with a grocery bag of destroyed gifts that you begin to understand the insanity of unrequited or unrelenting love. Not speaking from experience mind you. –innocent look– I would never throw garbage into the lake!

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    1. It’s the feeling of helplessness. Or self destruction maybe. The warm feeling of the kindly stab of a dagger. Not that you not what I want but change who you are, how you act, and the way you are and then maybe there’s a chance…..
      But I like the smashed bag of gifts. Hmmm I’d like to think of that innocent look a bit more. 😉


      1. Well… The actual story is it’s a smashed porcelain mug. In retrospect it was a well thought out gift. Just it didn’t feel that way with it in one hand and a shredded heart in the other.

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      2. Darling, I have an engagement ring. The people I took jewelry classes from cast the silver. I cut and polished the Garnet and set the stone. She went to Spain, exchange student. I got the ring back after she found out living on the edge isn’t free. I tried to understand. She was a victim. My heart never left itself to chance afterward. I hope she was a victim. But I know she would think she could just walk away and they would know.


      3. I’m done with chance also, for now, indefinitely, a moratorium on relationships; the ones with a capital ‘r’ that is.

        Do you still have the ring?

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      4. Yes. I do. It’s a little tarnished. The couple is long pasted away. I made so many stones and even went on to take silversmithing classes. My past helped make me. I remember I’m an idiot but hope the future beats the past. I lived a life where crumbling today into a ball of paper and starting anew might have happened once or four times experience is normal. I have been there. 🙂


      5. You an interesting man, mr. Mark. :). I bet sitting around a camp fire with you is wonderful. Sigh. I’m tired and need to crawl in. God I have south of your reading to catch up on. X

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