Tea Snob vs Coffee Addict

Ok, so maybe that’s a little much.   But the girl guzzles coffee.  The starting point here is innocent.   Most stories begin that way.   So simple home structure.  My wife, step daughter and kitties under the same roof.  I’m outnumbered on this two to one.  There is a problem with coffee drinkers cohabiting with a tea drinker.

My step daughter, who really doesn’t pay attention to much, starts with why I’m I during honey into hot water and then making tea.  I really dint know why I do this, but I see where this is going.

So in the most parenting manner, I explain tea isn’t spit out of a electric Dragon breath over burnt beans ground into a pulp. She take exception to the burnt beans part. To which I explain the roasting process, and yes they burn them. The elegance of steeping tea and mixing a natural thing like honey, far more relaxing than hearing a growing machine regurgitate my choice of beverage.

This leads to the time factor.  She doesn’t have all day to wait for tea to brew.  And she uses Stevia! Loading the coffee maker with the little tiny cup, pouring water into the coffee maker and pushing a button, this is much quicker then microwaving water fire two minutes and throwing in a tea bag.  We both come five minutes later. Of course, my sweetener choice is processed by bees.   Hers is made from a plant beat to a pulp, made into a slurry and dried into chunks only to be beat down and sifted.  So I see the time savings.

So I stir my tea and she stirs her coffee.  Another normal day.

6 thoughts on “Tea Snob vs Coffee Addict

  1. I’m the coffee addict …not really a Real addict because I only drink one may two cups a day, but I can enjoy a cup of hot tea occasionally (like twice a year! ) . Cold tea…I’ll take anytime! Enjoyed your post. 🙂


    1. I never got coffee thing. Luzanne makes the greatest sweet tea ever! I a hot tea drinker when its cold. But two coffee drinkers with very specific tastes, oh boy! Thanks my dear.


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