Into the Sunset – Special FFAW

Special Challenge in Memory of Barbara Beacham

Posted on November 27, 2015 by Priceless Joy

As most of you know by now, Barbara Beacham, the lovely host of “Monday’s Finish the Story” flash fiction challenge, passed away from cancer, on Sunday, November 22.

Because she was a beacon for many of us, several people have asked that a flash fiction challenge be done in her honor and in her memory. This is a ‘special’ challenge and does not replace the normal weekly challenge which will be posted as normal.
Photo Credit Pixabay. Com


It is not we forgot the day as the Sun sets.  We remember the possibility of tomorrow.   The things that we achieved or experienced flash before our eyes.   The warmth of a newly minted memory.  The reaction we had from someone or something they did. In the sunset we hold a light to lead us into something we can not see but will soon.

The story begins wuth the following line.

She helped many if us start out here. …

21 thoughts on “Into the Sunset – Special FFAW

    1. That’s is a line written and thought about. Kind of like holding the easer over pencil thinking I’m not sure about this. I’m glad I let it be. Thanks my dear. I appreciate it very much.


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