Finding a Place to Go​

There is an art to vacationing.  There are two ways to approach it, by destination and price.  We all have places we want to go and see.  The biggest problem is people over complicating the idea of travel.  Travel is about seeing the world.  Time is always an issue but the cure is a return trip not packing eighty things in four hours.  This is a quick run through of my trip planning.

First, I travel often – I travel economically.  I use multiple websites to search for airfare and hotels.  I love the desert, the best cheap flights go to Las Vegas or Pheonix.  There are a dozen places within four hours of each.  Rental cars are almost always a better deal out of a package, hotel and flight deals are great if you stay in that place the whole time.  If you spend a week in three different places, go through the hotel’s website first.  Then go to the travel wholesalers.  Remember they attach cookies to your computer (your price will never go down if you don’t clear these out!), they watch you watch them.

Finding parks are a great way to see the area and have locals tell you what to see there.  If you read maps, you can compare the dot on the map to the website of park or outdoor sites.  Don’t be afraid to pay a small company for a tour.  They will stop for that picture you want,hello they will tell you the picture you want!   Go eat local.  You will get great travel advice there.  People love to share the world if you let them.

When looking for a hotel think of where you are staying.  A twenty something will love the live music at the next door bar at spring break!  Some others might want to sleep at midnight to go lay on the beach at eight AM.  Most hotels list nearby restaurants and bars.  Free breakfast is great, but read reviews to see what you get.  Most important when reading reviews remember you don’t t knows he people writing them.  A average place with no complaints is suspicious!  People should complain about wait times, lack of towels, outdated decor might be ok.  Smells and dirty isn’t acceptable.  A low rating on a review might be minor thing.  Read several going back a year.  If you travel in spring read about the reviews then.  Staffing maybe be heavier at different times of the year.

Have fun! Never plan every hour of the day!  If it’s your first time there, then enjoy very few things!  Take a camera besides your phone!  Phones tend to die first.  Digital pictures don’t cost anything! Go crazy with the pictures.

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