Have a Seat

Bruce wakes up feeling cold.  His eyes fuzzy. His head pounding. He remembers drinking.  But his arms and legs are held in place.   Nylon ropes surround both arms across his bicep and forearm.   His legs seem locked in place.   Pressure about the ankle and thigh from similar ropes.   The plastic Adirondack chair feels cold through a t-shirt and jeans.

Bruce tugs at his arms and legs.  The ropes have him held very secure.   He thrashes his head side to side.  When this fails, he tries to lean forward.  The body is stuck.   He can’t see anything but a deep backyard.  Trees and shrubs hide him from the world around him.  A radio plays in the house behind him.   It’s a scene he doesn’t know.

From above comes a towel.  Pink and white stripes flash in his eyes.   His mouth opens to speak only to taste fabric softener.   The towel quickly wraps around his head. The rolled towel fills his mouth and leaves it forced open.

“Bruce, I hope your feeling fine.   I know how fine things feel.” Kelly’s voice isn’t familiar to him.   The words are his.   He uses them often. “You’re gonna like what I do to you.   I’ll make the good times last.”

Kelly stands directly behind him.   Far enough back he can see only her pale shadow.  His body locked down.   Her fury just starting to show him the scorn inside.

“It’s forty degrees, it would be terrible if you got cold.   I’ll help you out, baby.  I’ll slip you something to warm your ass up right.” Kelly talks with an edge.   Her hands hold a bucket.  She lets the words settle and douses him with water.  The bucket hits the ground behind him echoing an empty thud as it bounces.

“Ummmmmmmm! Uuummmmppph!” He is trying to vocalize.   The towel is suffocating.   The warmth of the water fades quickly.   A cotton t-shirt and jeans cling to him.   The water pools in his shoes.   The chill he thought he felt rattles through his spine now.   His body cliches tightly.   He would shake if he could.  

Footsteps on the grass fade.   She had left him.   He wishes he knew who she was.   He thinks he should.   If he could see the face, it would all make sense.

The sun powers down through hazy clouds.   A gentle breeze catches his back.   The sensation of cold is wreaking his mind.   The taste of the towel and dry mouth are almost as bad.  He has done some things in the past.   But if he could remember her. ..

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