Way Back Machine

Photo Credit: Sonya from 100words

The following piece was written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring writers.  see details here. . https://flashfictionforaspiringwriters.wordpress.com/2015/11/17/fffaw-week-of-11-17-2015/

It was another senior visit. The physics lab had twelve high school kids in four weekends.   But with no facility around it was playtime.

Brian smiled and waved.   Jules was coming over for the lab tour.  He had set-up a memorable experience.

“Jules, I’m so glad you could come.  We’re in the middle of an experiment. So I might have tho step away.   You’re a engineering major right?” Brian stretched that right hand out.

“Aaahh, yeah. I’m going to do something in engineering.” Shy words trail out of Jules mouth.

“Great!   We do all kinds of things here.  I’m kind of working on a military thing. .. can’t say much about it.   But it’s really special.   Can you keep a secret?”  Brian’s eyes light up.  

“I don’t know who I’d tell. I mean I’m not even a college student yet. .” Jules knows he is blowing a great opportunity.

“Hold on.   Sally, is it ready.  I want to show him the way back.” 

“Brian, well lose our scholarships! He can’t see it! ” Sally baits the poor kid.

“I won’t tell.  Really! !”Jules is not losing the chance here.

“Ok. Jules look at the monitor.   That’s a cage. We are trying to catch a peacock from the 1950’s.  We enter the date over there.  Is the cage fills with smoke, maybe will get one.” Brian explains

“How do you know it’s from the 1950’s?” Jules inquires.

“Easy, the world was black and white then.” Brian says.  

The cage fills with smoke.   A loud bang follows.   Another camera shows a white peacock run into the field next to a house barn.

17 thoughts on “Way Back Machine

  1. Creative story idea. It makes me think of a movie where Toby Maguire and Reese Witherspoon are young and end up in a black and white TV town. I think it’s called Pleasantville.

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  2. That is cool! They created a way to bring back a peacock from the 1950’s! I thought it was funny that you referred to the 50’s as everything being black and white. That’s probably true! Especially because they only had b&w television. Great story Mark!

    Liked by 1 person

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