outsider stories

There is a little sign hanging on a chain fence near the Grand Canyon.   It reads”dinosaur tracks.   FREE”.  If you are a tourist the word “free” beckons to you. The area near the Grand Canyon is sparsely populated by the Navajo, or more correctly the Dine.

Well versed in tourist, my wife and I stopped over to look at the dinosaur tracks.   They are surrounded by tent like covers and have handmade silver and baskets for sale.  We smile and head toward the tracks instead.   Good tourists never carry extra weight when hiking.

We are quickly joined by “Sonny” who carries a bottle of water to our into the dinosaur tracks so we can take pictures.   He tells us about the places far off that he could take us.   He explains coming home because of lack of money. . He is actually a good guide.  Until half a mile from the car, he drops a “we get $20 per person to guide you” on us.   I have a dozen Dine between me and the rental car.

I’m busting out with a “you should have said that way back there.”  I’m in enemy territory.   We are totally screwed if Navajo police show up.  As a union steward, I’m used to hostile encounters.   So I dig out $ 12, and tell wifey were out of here. Sonny is keeping up, saying just stop at my cousin’s tent and look please.

We stayed outside street that!

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