Deal of a Lifetime

Tyler and Carol sit out the the Fishbowl.  A set of tents setup like a starfish. Inside is the newest stupid idea in restraurants.  Immersion dining.  Seafood served in low light and partially submerged in seawater.  The new place to be demands payment first.

“How do we know if they are here?  You don’t even know these people.  You paid a lot for this.  And you’re making an app for them?  How can you make anything on this?”  Carol was brought under duress.  Business is not her job, getting them paid is.

“I’m telling you, they wanted a face to face!  The app is mind controlled.  They want a small company.  We need the money.  Don’t ask questions!  They speak a little weird.  But foreigners deal in cash.  Something we need.” Tyler looks around as he explains.  “We need to go in.  Better they don’t see us in this car.  They might low ball us.”

The restraurant is a pond with clear lucite seats.  The water level is up to the back of the booths.  Clear floating walkways lead you to where you need to be.  Light is at a premium, just like the prices.

The hostess take them to a back area.  Two figures sit with their backs to them.  Stepping down into the booth, they smile and look for faces.

“Greetings!  Fremania and Dorman are we.  Tyler and Carol, we believe.”  Dorman speaks.  His face is distorted.  Grey skin with almost tan features on both of them.  Large faces more pyramid shaped than round.

“Hello, Fremania and Dorman.  I’m Tyler, we spoke earlier.  This is Carol.”  Tyler reaches to shake hands. They don’t respond at first.  Slowly they reach toward him as if unsure.

“We have a need for developing an application for mind interaction with devices.  You would call it something like a link to thoughts.  We have a network that amplifies brain waves and converts thoughts to messages.  It’s all kind of at the beginning phase, as you would say.  With access to the link can you fulfill an app to connect to others?” Dorman explains to Tyler.

“I’m not sure I understand completely.  There are some specs on this device?  I will need to know data loads, speeds, streaming, and operating systems.  There is a lot of pieces to line up.  How do you convert brain waves to messages?  It seems like…. Well complicated system.” Tyler looks taken back. Thinking mind control…converting it to messages…this is really, really lucrative opportunity.

“Tyler, we are speaking through your mind.  Very lucrative.  Very much allowing for mind to speak without filter.  But the idea of no keyboards, no devices but a link to a true wireless experience.  You would be a rich man.  We would have a service with great demand.  It could change the world.  We can only give limited system data.  What’s necessary to form a link.  Your world will change forever!” Dorman  closes his deal.  The words hang in an empty thought.

“Why us?  There are bigger companies. More complex ways to insure security.”  Tyler nerves take over.  Thoughts swim between money and who are these people.

“We’re your benefactors!  Money for you.  Name a price!  For us, small is good.  No questions from shareholders.  No CEO turnover.  No government questions.  We are beholden to ourselves and so are you.  Are you ready to change the world?!” Fremania tries her sense of reassurance.

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