snake Eyes

The roll of the dice.  Lives and loves take tragic turns .  The one bouncing over another to become a six.  The thrill of winning.  The jealousy of the loser smacks the air around the table.  The dice dance is the air of possible outcomes.  Senses bounce through the people looking on.

The score of a lifetime is riding on the soft green table top.  Intricate lines convey messages to the players.  The are no breaths taken.  The pause of existence until the next bounce.  Then another halt of time bounces.  Seconds are years long.  The green felt demands it.  The pass line demands it.  The shooter can only watch life come to an end or expanded another roll.

The world surrounding the dice, stacks of plastic.  Worth is only an illusion when the dice are bouncing. Bouncing. Spinning, Bouncing.  Every eye tries to stop them in vain.

“Two rolls a two!”

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