Night Photography in Las Vegas




The New York New York Casino from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Empire State Building.  A mininature in 4000 or so hotel rooms.


People walk by the Monte Carlo all day long.  But stone cold eyes look down on them.


Hard Rock Cafe are everywhere!  This one appearently uses street signs to point it out.


Las Vegas Boulevard has people at 1AM.  Rare moment with an empty sidewalk. The traffic below is deceiving.  Never drive here!



The former Riveria Casino is now dark.  But the reflection from across the street is clear.  Below is the semi scary clown from Circus Circus.


11 thoughts on “Night Photography in Las Vegas

    1. It’s one of the greatest places to sight see. The buildings are ridiculous in scope and design. My favorite view is from the “Efiel Tower”at the Paris casino. Fron thirty stories above the colors are crazy to see at night.

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      1. Each casino had property that covers about 1 to 1 1/2 miles. Remember get daily bus pass (the duece is bus for Las Vegas strip). $8 for 24 hours. Driving is impossible on the strip. You can use it as many times as you want. 😀 I’ve been 13 times so far.

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